Men 1: ‘The Artists’

A new series exploring masculinity, original published at The Tribe The conversation in recent months in the media about what masculinity means has become more and more complex. Terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ and the hashtag ‘#NotAllMen’ – used ironically – have become ubiquitous in any discussion of the sexual assault allegations recently brought to the public … Continue reading Men 1: ‘The Artists’


Cagey: UK Prisons and What You Can’t Say There

Over many weeks, this column has examined extremism in a range of political contexts and parts of the world. Extremist groups that oppose governments exist in a variety of different forms, in both the most tightly controlled dictatorships and the most liberal democracies. And in every context, there are angry people who say that these … Continue reading Cagey: UK Prisons and What You Can’t Say There

Saarbrücken Staatstheater Review – Othello

The Staatstheater in Saarbrücken, Germany makes an impressive venue for any show – a hulking Gothic exterior overlooking a bend in the river; plush carpets with gold finish throughout and an impossibly heavy-looking chandelier dominating enough to make even Sia think twice. But for Shakespeare’s tale of jealousy, racism and xenophobia it seems a particularly … Continue reading Saarbrücken Staatstheater Review – Othello