Cagey: UK Prisons and What You Can’t Say There

Over many weeks, this column has examined extremism in a range of political contexts and parts of the world. Extremist groups that oppose governments exist in a variety of different forms, in both the most tightly controlled dictatorships and the most liberal democracies. And in every context, there are angry people who say that these … Continue reading Cagey: UK Prisons and What You Can’t Say There


Saarbrücken Staatstheater Review – Othello

The Staatstheater in Saarbrücken, Germany makes an impressive venue for any show – a hulking Gothic exterior overlooking a bend in the river; plush carpets with gold finish throughout and an impossibly heavy-looking chandelier dominating enough to make even Sia think twice. But for Shakespeare’s tale of jealousy, racism and xenophobia it seems a particularly … Continue reading Saarbrücken Staatstheater Review – Othello


I have proved myself as neither an enthusiastic nor as a good blogger, not least because I rarely do anything interesting enough to warrant mention. But having arrived back early this morning from a trip to the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik, I want to jot a few of my thoughts down - partly because some of … Continue reading Ostalgie