Aspiring writer from Scotland. This blog is a collection of personal blog posts and articles from various publications which I have contributed to.

E-mail: elliot.douglas95@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElliotDee

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliot-douglas-68019612a/

Reviews for my writing:

For Commons at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017:

“In Douglas’ capable hands [the play] is not gimmicky or cumbersome” – The Tribe *****

“Razor-sharp, Oscar Wilde-style wit” – Broadway Baby ****

“Compelling enough to keep you engaged for the run-time” – The Scotsman

For His Duchess in St Andrews in 2015:

“A clever, intricate and spellbinding piece of theatre” – The Tribe

“The best piece of theatre I have seen in my four years at St Andrews” – The Saint


Deputy Editor and staff writer at The Tribe: http://www.thetribeonline.com/

Analyst and columnist at the Foreign Affairs Review: http://foreignaffairsreview.co.uk/

Arts Reviewer for Broadway Baby: http://broadwaybaby.com/

Freelance translator for Pursuit Translations: https://www.pursuittranslations.com/

Contributor to The Interpreter: https://interpretermagazine.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/